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Generative AI

It is important to understand the capabilities of current generative AI programs and set clear guidelines about how they can be used for coursework and independent work.

Teaching in the Context of Complex Political Events

Political events affect our teaching–and our students’ learning–but it is difficult to know how much, if at all, to address complex political events in class. 

Creating Community Agreements

If cultivating community in the classroom is important to you, one approach to doing so is to work with your students to create a Community Agreement.

Teaching Tough Material

Such material presents teaching challenges but may also offer valuable learning opportunities for students.

Sample Syllabus Policies for Faculty

The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning offers a précis of some important university policies and sample text that you may use or adapt for your own syllabus.

Active Learning at Princeton

As the name implies, active learning refers to any type of instructional activity that encourages interaction and collaboration.

Responding in Class to a Student’s Death

The death of a student is deeply distressing for the members of a campus community.

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