Assessment Design and Grading

Students studying outside with laptops

Exams, Peer assessement, and group work

Effective assessment of course materials and grading is essential for understanding students' mastery of learning. Below are some key elements of the grading and course assessment process to consider when designing exams, peer assessments and grading. If you would like to meet to discuss questions about your specific course, please reach out for a consultation.

Designing Course Assessments

Peer Learning

Peer learning can occur formally or informally among students when they work in teams or are asked to collaborate on group projects. Such approaches are active learning strategies that help students learn from and with each other.

Group Work

Group work can take many forms. Pair- or group-based exercises can be used in class to deepen student understanding of the material.

Designing Exams for Academic Integrity

Exam design (or redesign) can present a great opportunity to create assessments that move beyond modalities focused on knowledge acquisition or retention, to those that truly evaluate student mastery of material, while reducing the likelihood of academic integrity violations.