Teaching at Princeton

The following content on teaching best practices is based on scholarly work on pedagogy and student learning, and may be relevant whether you are teaching for the first time or for the 1000th. Even the most veteran faculty can face new challenges in the classroom -- an obvious example being the move to online teaching with the pandemic -- or desire to try out new teaching initiatives.

Course and Syllabus Design

Ideas to enhance active learning and assessment, for designing a new course, or redesigning one you have taught previously.

Assessment Design and Grading

Creating coursework assignments, including group/peer work and digital assignments, and best practices with grading

Teaching Evaluations and Using Feedback

Designing mid-semester evaluations and using end-of-semester reviews to improve your teaching

Faculty Teaching Communities

Join a Princeton faculty group focused on teaching and pedagogical questions

University Teaching Policies

University policies on teaching, grading and use of graduate and undergraduate assistants in teaching