Faculty Voices

Below, on this page, you’ll find ideas and insights for teaching in an online environment from our faculty and graduate students. We encourage you to share your own with us at mcgraw.princeton.edu.

  • Susan VanderKam

    Personal connection is important when everything is so remote. Use breakout rooms to engage the students and to encourage them to get to know each...
  • Ryan Parsons

    One practice I’ve found helpful is to create a Google Doc outline of each lecture and structure it as a "worksheet".
  • Rosina Lozano

    Give students a question they know they will all have a chance to answer and begin with that.
  • Mike Romalis

    In teaching a lab class, I set up small demonstrations that I can do in front of the webcam involving optics and electronics during the lecture.
  • Josh Winn

    I used Campuswire, an academic version of Slack, which was useful for students to ask questions and share knowledge outside of class time.
  • Johannes Wankhammer

    Engage virtual space as a sui generis reality.
  • Jackie Campbell

    Rather than doing in-class presentations, try assigning students to be ‘discussion leaders’ for a portion of the class. Ideally, the instruction can...

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