Redesigning your Course

Dec 2, 2022, 12:00 pm1:00 pm
  • Faculty
  • Staff
Event Description

This session will offer faculty who are participating in the McGraw Canvas Site on Redesigning your Course a chance to convene together to ask questions, share insights with each other and in small groups to workshop a syllabus or other course material they have designed. This session is a way to meet with other faculty engaged in the process of course design in a low-stakes environment and also connect to the resources and support of the McGraw community.

Prior to attending, please sign up for the course and spend a few minutes at least exploring the site–feel free to attend at whatever point you are in the Canvas site. Either way, it will be helpful to bring to the session a piece of the course design process you are currently working on (eg, an assessment, a syllabus, or a course goal that you are refining) that would benefit from feedback from colleagues. Please feel free to come to one or all of these monthly meetings!