Digital Learning & Design

The Digital Learning & Design team works to foster the purposeful application of new technologies and media to enhance teaching and learning at Princeton University. We believe that good technologies for teaching and learning are rooted in the same principles as sound pedagogy — encouraging creativity, exploration, discovery, and collaboration.

Take Advantage of Canvas

Canvas is a robust and intuitive online platform for teaching and learning. Faculty can use their Canvas course sites to communicate with students, share syllabi and course materials, create opportunities for collaboration and activities like peer review, social annotations, and asynchronous discussions, and assess student understanding through assignments and quizzes. 

Explore Purposeful Uses of Technology

Educational technology can be a great asset to your Princeton class depending on your teaching goals and assessment strategies. The McGraw Center strives to provide tools and technologies in support of teaching and learning and to foster a dialogue around the purposeful and thoughtful uses of technology in higher education.

Create Digital Assignments

Course-based digital projects can encourage creativity, collaboration, and provide opportunities to explore multiple literacies, writing for public audiences, and the effective presentation of critical and community-engaged scholarship.

Develop an Open, Online Course

Online courses developed by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning are taught by Princeton faculty from across the University’s divisions. 

Making Your Course Accessible

The McGraw Center is committed to ensuring that all students can fully learn and thrive at Princeton. We offer guidance to faculty who seek to improve the accessibility of digital teaching materials, like syllabi, readings and videos.  

McGraw's Digital Learning Lab newly renovated

Digital Learning Lab (DLL)

The McGraw Digital Learning Lab is a multimedia laboratory at Princeton University supporting and promoting the use of digital technologies and new media in Princeton coursework.

Laptop and Books

A Digital Toolkit

The Digital Toolkit will help you find the tools (and the support from McGraw staff) to help you build your ideal “tool box” for teaching. Tools are categorized by pedagogical need or teaching activity.

A Canvas Field Guide

The Canvas Field Guide  is designed to provide a quick and broad overview of Canvas, resources for teaching with Canvas and information about the many tools available within Canvas.

McGraw Commons

McGraw Commons

McGraw Commons is an online publishing platform for teaching and learning, supporting the shared creation of projects as learning activity. Course projects can be made publicly available on the web or restricted to the participants of the course.

The Digital Learning & Design Design Team

The Digital Learning & Design Learning team offers individual consultations and training sessions. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us below. Questions about Canvas can be directed to [email protected]. Other inquiries may be directed to Mona Fixdal, Senior Associate Director of the Digital Learning and Design, at [email protected].

Katie Bertel
Senior Instructional Designer, Digital Learning and Design
Mona Fixdal
Senior Associate Director, Digital Learning and Design
Lance Herrington
Senior Producer / Creative Director, Digital Learning and Design
Alex Hollinghead
Digital Learning Lab Manager
Lisa Jackson
Senior Producer / Production Manager, Digital Learning and Design
Ben Johnston
Senior Educational Technologist, Digital Learning and Design
Marie Li
Senior Instructional Designer, Digital Learning and Design
Marija Naumoski
Senior Instructional Designer, Digital Learning and Design
Sorat Tungkasiri
Associate Director, Digital Learning and Design
Courtney Volpe
Support and Training Analyst, Digital Learning and Design