Learning in the Digital Learning Lab

As a maker space, the Digital Learning Lab (DLL) facilitates multidisciplinary learning through creative collaborations.  Throughout the year, the DLL offers one-on-one training and consultations; discipline-specific workshops led by graduate students; sessions tailored to specific course assignments; and a faculty-led seminar program highlighting collaborative projects that use digital toolsets to enhance Princeton’s courses.    

McGraw Center staff and DLL assistants employ a consultative approach to support project-based learning.  The DLL provides hardware & software training, project planning, collaborative strategies, data visualization, and effective storytelling for digital publications. Individual training and a growing online knowledge base provide strategies and guidance on effectively using digital media and industry standard software to build or enhance course projects and independent work.  

In order to provide the best and most effective consultation, specific software consultations are by appointment only. Each session is set to 60-minute blocks, depending on your needs and specifications. Contact mcgrawdll@princeton.edu to schedule an appointment.

Peer Technology Consultants (one-on-one)