Digital Learning Lab

The McGraw Center’s Digital Learning Lab (DLL, formerly the New Media Center) is a fully-staffed state-of-the-art multimedia maker space located on the first floor of the Peter B. Lewis Science Library. Our mission is to provide a space for students and faculty to experiment with emerging technologies and learn best practices in project planning, collaboration, data visualization, and effective storytelling for digital publications.

Through its combination of tools (including high-performance hardware and broad software palate) and knowledgeable staff, the DLL supports teaching and learning for courses with unconventional formats, innovative course assignments, and/or co-curricular digital learning components.  Graduate and undergraduate student staff provide one-on-one training and workshops, informed by the undergraduate curriculum, to enrich the teaching and learning experience at Princeton.

The DLL provides:

To schedule an appointment or training for a course, write to us at

The DLL is primarily used by students to work on digital projects, but can also be used as a teaching space. Please contact us for more information or to reserve the lab: or call 258-6073. DLL usage is limited to members of Princeton University with a valid netid. Please review our Policies.