Profiles in Curiosity

The McGraw Center Undergraduate Learning Program Cultivating Curiosity Campaign

Profiles In Curiosity “Un-Award”

Do you know an undergraduate student who is passionate about learning inside and outside of their courses? Do you know someone who loves knowledge, whose interests are broad, deep, or both? Have you seen a peer get excited about and pursue a variety of topics? Can you hear it in their voice, see it in their actions? Perhaps you admire them or are inspired by them. Profiles In Curiosity is a unique opportunity for them to be recognized for this vital, yet intangible quality.

Curiosity is a powerful yet invisible--even fragile--motivator for engagement and inquisitiveness. Our aim is to nurture and promote curiosity on campus by recognizing those students who embody it. To be clear, our aim is not to recognize high grades or other accolades nor exclusively academic learning. This campaign rests on the belief that curiosity is its own reward, and so no prize will be awarded. Students will be profiled in an on-line gallery.

Curiosity is essential to a thriving academic community. The desire to ask, learn, understand and know is the basis of deep intellectual engagement and fulfillment. It is the fuel that powers inquisitiveness and inquiry, the lifeblood of any healthy university community. It makes our moments and days and lives—and learning—surprising and meaningful. And it can be contagious.

Curiosity is one of the University’s most esteemed values. But there is no formal means to recognize it. It’s not on students’ transcripts or diplomas—and maybe it shouldn’t be/best that it’s not. Curiosity needs to be cultivated and nurtured, but not necessarily rewarded with prizes; curiosity brings its own rewards.

Given how powerful and beneficial curiosity can be to our intellectual enterprises, how do we as a university community nurture in individuals and cultivate it in our culture.

Please help the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning find and highlight those undergraduate students who radiate curiosity widely, deeply, frequently, and perhaps contagiously.

Nominators provide us with students’ names and the McGraw Center will contact them and solicit their thoughts on curiosity to be included along with their photo in an online gallery with other students.

  • Eligibility: All Princeton undergraduate students can be nominated.
  • Nominations: Simply provide the name of a student and we’ll do the rest—no self-nominations, please.
  • Deadline for Nominations: May 1, 2019