Community College Faculty: Nominate a Student

Thank you for your interest in the Community College Teaching Transfer Initiative! This program offers the opportunity for community college students to take a Princeton University course at their community college at no cost to them, with the goal of encouraging students to transfer to four year colleges or universities. 

Students are selected into the program based first on the nomination of a community college staff or faculty member. The nomination form will become available at the start of the fall semester. Upon nomination, we will send your student an application for the program. 

To be eligible, students should have demonstrated their ability to excel in college coursework, including showing their engagement with class materials, discussions, and activities, and their desire to learn more. 

We want this course to be an enriching yet manageable experience for students, so we will be evaluating their applications for evidence that they are academically prepared to succeed in the Princeton course, and that their participation in the program will enhance their exploration of and preparation for transfer to an excellent 4-year institution.