Program for Community College Engagement

Prison Teaching Initiative

The Prison Teaching Initiative seeks to bridge Princeton University’s academic and service-driven missions by providing the highest-quality postsecondary education to incarcerated students in New Jersey; offering Princeton University graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff innovative, evidence-based pedagogy training and the chance to diversify their teaching portfolios through intensive classroom experience; and fostering a robust campus dialogue on mass incarceration and its relationship to systemic inequalities in access to education.

Teaching Transfer Initiative

The Teaching Transfer Initiative is an academic outreach pilot program led by the Office of the Provost and managed by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. Designed to encourage community college students to explore and transfer to four-year institutions, the program invests in the community college sector by expanding Princeton’s teaching and advising capacity outward. 





Community College Teaching Fellowships

The Princeton / Community College Teaching Program is a collaboration between the McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning and the Graduate School. This unique program enables you to teach courses at Mercer County Community College, Rowan College South Jersey, Camden County College, or Middlesex College. The Fellowship provides a valuable, mentored experience by a tenured community college faculty member, and helps you develop as a teacher, providing an opportunity to design and teach a course. 

Community College Faculty Program

The Community College Faculty Program (CCFP), formerly the Mid-Career Fellowship Program, is an opportunity for New Jersey community college faculty members and administrators to undertake advanced study.

The Community College Faculty Program allows selected faculty from New Jersey community colleges to:

  • Enroll at a premier university to further cultivate their understanding of the subjects they teach,
  • Consult with distinguished scholars in a variety of fields, and
  • Become part of a unique academic community.

PCCE News & Announcements

NJ Senator Joe Cryan visited campus to learn about opportunity and access at Princeton

On April 30, Chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee, Joe Cryan, visited campus to meet with University leadership to learn about the University's groundbreaking efforts to expand access to and opportunities in higher education at Princeton and beyond through the Emma Bloomberg Center and the Program for Community College Engagement.

Prof. Rodrick Kuate Defo's TTI EGR 150 class visited E-quad to learn about 3-D printing.

As part of Princeton’s Teaching Transfer Initiative (TTI) program partnering with local community colleges to encourage community college students to explore and transfer to four-year institutions, students from Mercer County Community College who were enrolled in TTI’s offering of EGR 150 (Foundations of Engineering) were brought to Princeton…

MCCC Honors class visited Firestone Library

Dr. Bettina Caluori, professor of English at Mercer County Community College, and her Honors English Composition students visited Firestone Library in March. In addition to enjoying a tour of the facilities, the class learned more about how community college students can access and use resources available at Princeton’s libraries.

Semifinalists Named For Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s Transformative Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

Current Teaching Transfer Initiative (TTI) program students, Bailey Gummel, Amelia Melendez, Camila Villavizar Gomez, and Nathalie Wijaya were named Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholarship semi-finalists. The scholarship provides up to $55,000 per year for up to three years of enrollment to complete a BA at any accredited four-year school in…

PTI summer intern alum named a Truman Scholar

Paul Boyd, a PTI summer intern alum ('23) and current Rutgers undergrad, has just been named a Truman Scholar!

PTI teacher Pasquale Toscano named Jacobus Fellow

José de Jesús Montaño López, Geneva Smith, Pasquale Toscano, and Ryan Unger have been named winners of the Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship, Princeton University’s top honor for graduate students.

The Jacobus Fellows will be honored at Alumni Day

Program for Community College Engagement will strengthen outreach partnerships

As part of Princeton’s work to extend its academic outreach and strengthen relationships with New Jersey community colleges, the University has created the Program for Community College Engagement to oversee coordination of Princeton partnerships with two-year public institutions.

Transfer Scholars Initiative prepares N.J. community college students to thrive at selective four-year schools

The Transfer Scholars Initiative (TSI) is a new partnership between the University and New Jersey community colleges that aims to extend Princeton’s academic outreach and strengthen the outcomes for promising students considering transfer to selective four-year schools.

Middlesex College joins Princeton’s Community College Teaching Partnership

Middlesex College will become the fourth school to join Princeton University’s Community College Teaching Partnership. Representatives of Middlesex and Princeton met Sept. 22 to sign an agreement formalizing the relationship.

Formerly incarcerated students dive into engineering research

Before his internship at Princeton University this summer, Wali Palmer knew lasers as highly focused beams of light. But his research experience at Princeton opened Palmer’s eyes to laser-based devices that could detect disease, perform surgeries and sense dangerous gases — and put him on a path toward designing them.

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