Inclusive Teaching at Princeton: Classroom (In)Sight Juried Student Photography Competition Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of image is appropriate to submit?

We ask for original images that explore campus classrooms, whether they are traditional classrooms, laboratories, or multi-purpose spaces built to accommodate multiple ways of teaching and learning. Experimentation and creative composition are welcome.

Can I include people in the photograph?

Yes. Individuals age 18 or older do not need to sign an appearance release form to appear in a photo on a University website or publication. The University requires signed release forms for photography of any person younger than 18 who is clearly recognizable; a parent or legal guardian must sign the child/ward release form.

Please consider your subjects’ safety (particularly in labs and in construction) and privacy (particularly in residential areas) when taking photos.

What are the guidelines for sizing images?

Please upload a version of your image--maximum upload size is 100MB. If you have a larger image, do not destroy the original by resizing it; save a copy of the original at maximum resolution. We will endeavor to ensure that all images that make it to the exhibition are displayed in the best possible manner, so please submit the highest resolution possible of the original image. Winning entries will be printed at poster size.

The ideal image size for printing is 11" x 17". Your image may not be exactly this size, for example, if you use a square format. If you are using a cell phone, save your photograph in the largest format possible. We can help to resize the image to poster size. If you need help in sizing your image for entry, the friendly folks at the McGraw Digital Learning Lab (130 Lewis Science Library) can help. Write to them at to schedule an appointment.

Can I submit images in a format other than JPG?

Yes. You can save the image as a JPG, PNG, or PDF. The preferred format is JPG.

May I submit more than one entry?

You may submit up to five entries.

Do I need to provide any information about my entry?

Yes, we ask that you give us a caption and provide a short description (around 200 words) of your photograph. If you are submitting one image, you can use the fields on the submission form to enter a caption and description for your image. If you are submitting multiple images, you can upload a document with a caption and description for each image. File types allowed are document, presentation, or PDF. Note: There is a separate submission area for the image(s) later in the form.

How should I name my image file?

Many cameras use a default file name that might be identical to another file taken with a different camera. Please name your file with your netid, and if you have more than one submission, a number -- i.e., netid_1, netid_2 . . . and so on.

Is there an entry fee?


Who is eligible to participate?

This competition is open to all Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please email the McGraw Center at if you need further clarification.