Call for Digital Pedagogy Projects

The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning invites proposals from faculty, or a faculty member in partnership with a graduate student, to develop course-based digital pedagogy projects, small-scale educational tools, or instructional resources that have the potential to augment or expand existing course curriculum. Successful applicants will work closely with McGraw Center staff to plan and build their projects into working prototypes.

The goal of the grant

The McGraw Center will award graduate students who are working in partnership with faculty with a one-time honorarium of $1000 - $1,500 on completion of the project, depending on its scope. The graduate student does not need to be appointed as an AI for the course for which the project is proposed.

The goal of the initiative is to:

  • Enrich course learning goals
  • Engage student learning through the thoughtful application of technology to course content
  • Promote the creative use of campus resources for teaching and learning


Projects must be related to courses offered during the Spring or Fall semesters of 2023. Ideal project proposals should emphasize active student engagement with course topics and/or materials, and thoughtfully consider the relative merits of digital media or tools over more traditional forms of instruction. While prior knowledge of digital tools or methods is welcome, it is not required.

Possible project proposals might include:

  • Discipline- or course-specific learning materials
  • Corpora for data/text analysis and visualization
  • Mapping projects
  • Open educational resources (OER)
  • Online activities or small-scale instructional tools
  • Digital collections, archives, or digital editions
  • Annotated image or manuscript collections
  • Student self-assessment tools or question banks
  • Leveraging existing open-source tools
  • Participatory research projects for teaching and learning that make use of digital tools
  • And more -- this proposal welcomes all ideas


McGraw Center staff in the Educational and Classrooms Technology group will work closely with the awardees to help conceptualize, create, manage and implement projects. Support provided may include instructional design, selection of appropriate technologies or existing tools, web development, custom programming, video or audio recording and editing, and digitization. McGraw Center staff will also be available to provide any training or documentation needed to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Proposal guidelines

A complete proposal, approximately 500-750 words in length, should include the following:

  • The names and department affiliations of the applicants
  • A link to or written description of your course for which this project is primarily intended
  • A description of the pedagogical goals of the project within the course 
  • Specific digital tools, platforms, or approaches you have in mind. Please state if a faculty member and/or graduate student has familiarity with these tools (welcome, but not necessary)
  • Your availability to develop the project in collaboration with McGraw staff, and an estimated completion date

Please submit your proposal by January 10th, 2023, using the form on this page.

If you have questions about the proposal, please contact [email protected].