Test-taking Techniques
May 8, 2020

Tests are not transparent measures of what students know, and performing well on them is not simply a matter of knowing the relevant course content. Therefore, how one practices is crucial; becoming fluent, and flexible with conceptual content, as well as methods of problem-solving, all while working under timed circumstances, is a necessity.

Studying and Exam Prep: What exactly are they, and how are they different?
April 30, 2020

It’s useful to distinguish the act of ‘studying’ from the process of ‘exam prep’ in order to home in on how to do each of them optimally. In short, while they certainly overlap both in terms of methods and mental processes involved, they differ in that studying generally emphasizes ‘taking in’ information and organizing, synthesizing and…

Final Projects, Dean’s Date Papers and Final Exams on your mind?
April 24, 2020

McGraw can help you prepare for and excel on end-of-semester assignments and exams.