What are your thoughts on flash cards for language classes?
Sept. 15, 2022

A lot depends on what’s on them and HOW you use them. What’s crucial about any method of study is what mental processes the student engages in and how it fits into a multi-faceted approach to learning what is most important.

Practice at retrieval and self-assessing can be very powerful methods for learning and solidifying knowledge…

I know I need to do SOMETHING different in my classes to achieve my goals, but I’m not sure what. Can McGraw help?
Nov. 16, 2021

As learners we adjust our approaches to learning to the features of each course—and all the courses (and other things in our schedules)—we are taking. Much figuring out of expectations and ways of teaching and testing is done at the beginning of a course. But, actually, this process of adjustment, or alignment of our learning with how we are…

Test-taking Techniques
May 8, 2020

Tests are not transparent measures of what students know, and performing well on them is not simply a matter of knowing the relevant course content. Therefore, how one practices is crucial; becoming fluent, and flexible with conceptual content, as well as methods of problem-solving, all while working under timed circumstances, is a necessity.