I know I need to do SOMETHING different in my classes to achieve my goals, but I’m not sure what. Can McGraw help?

Nov. 16, 2021

As learners we adjust our approaches to learning to the features of each course—and all the courses (and other things in our schedules)—we are taking. Much figuring out of expectations and ways of teaching and testing is done at the beginning of a course. But, actually, this process of adjustment, or alignment of our learning with how we are being taught is on-going as we gain a deeper understanding of the courses and, sometimes, as content, assignments and instruction change over the course the semester.

This juncture in the semester, after midterms and before the often increased demands of the end of the semester, is an opportune time to both reflect upon your current approach and adjust it going forward. In this process we can adjust our approach based upon not only what we have learned IN the course, but also what we have learned ABOUT the course. For instance, as we adapt our reading, learning, studying, writing and approaches to P-sets etc., we can ask: How is the course designed, what is the design logic?; How are the skills and conceptual content being taught?; How am I being assessed (tested and graded on assignments)?;  and, What methods are effective and efficient—and not? 

Come to McGraw and we’ll help you think through these questions, figuring out how to adjust and how to implement any changes you identify. We’ll help you learn what to study and how to study in course-specific ways. 

  • Tutoring focuses on adjusting your problem-solving approaches not only to tackle p-sets to prepare for Princeton exam-level problems
  • Academic life & learning consultations focus on adjusting to any given course and your obligations generally so you can attain your goals while maintaining well-being
  • Workshops focus on how to learn and study effectively and efficiently—and WHY these methods work
  • Study groups provide support and accountability for learning and studying.
  • Materials and resources break down Princeton academic expectations and explain practical strategies and techniques.