Getting into an “academic rhythm” when you are off campus/in isolation

April 9, 2020

Q: I can’t seem to get into an “academic rhythm” in the same way at home as I did when I was on campus—what are some things I can do?

A: When you find yourself stuck and trying to create new solutions, one good way to start the strategizing process is to think about what has worked for you in the past. You may not be able to implement the exact same solution, but you may be able to adapt it or it might spark some new ideas. For example, McGraw Learning Consultant Turquoise Brewington used this strategy to create the kind of productive routine at home that helped her when she was on campus. “I think that the key thing to help me get into a new rhythm was adapting some techniques I did in school to my new house routine. While on campus I used multiple whiteboards to stay organized so I have done a similar thing in my room which helps me stay on top of assignments while also creating a "school environment" at home. I think the best advice I would give others is to think about what they needed in a space to be the most productive (when on campus) and try to try to apply that to a specific room in their house."

What worked for you when you are on campus? Think back to high school (which may be more similar in some respects), how did you get into a productive routine? Perhaps your teachers, parents, coaches or others did things for you that helped. Could you do some of those things yourself—or partner with friends to do so?