Student Technology Consultants

The Digital Learning Lab considers its student lab consultants to be invaluable in the operation of the Computer Labs. We are looking for consultants that have the skills and knowledge to provide technical assistance to the undergraduate university community.

Interested applicants do NOT need to have a major in Computer Science or Engineering. We are searching for individuals with well-rounded computer experience, strong interpersonal skills, and a positive attitude. Other characteristics we look for are: ambition, enthusiasm, initiative, and professionalism. Never underestimate your abilities. We encourage everyone interested to apply.

Skills include audio/video editing, image manipulation, 3D modeling, graphic design/layout. We have the full Adobe Suite of software along with many other titles.

Please free to fill out our student employment application form!

  • Allison R Chang

    Heyo everyone!
  • Casey Chow

    Hi! My name is Casey Chow, of the great Class of 2019.
  • Sharon Deng

    Hi! I am an architecture major who enjoys filmmaking and all things creative.
  • Rediet Desta

    Hi, I am a senior in the Electrical Engineering department hailing from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Olutola Ebunlomo

    My name is Tola Ebunlomo. I'm currently a senior in the Woodrow Wilson School and premed.
  • Hiba Elbuluk

    Hi! I'm Hiba, a current architecture major with an interest in urban planning and spatial design.
  • Narek Galstyan

    Hi! I am Narek Galstyan. I am a member of the class of 2020 and am planning to major in Computer Science!
  • Melanie Ho

    Hi!!! I’m Melanie, a current Junior in the East Asian Studies department and am super into Gender and Sexuality.
  • Kevin Manyara

    Hi! I'm Kevin Manyara, a senior in the Operations Research and Financial Engineering Dept.
  • Barak Nehoran

    I am in engineering at Princeton interested in several topics that range from computer science and physics to history
  • Tom Robbins

    I’m a junior majoring in computer science, but I’m also involved in graphics, video, music and audio, and photography
  • Raymond Sheng

    I am majoring in Electrical Engineering with an interest in computer architecture.
  • Prateek Swain

    I'm a sophomore probably majoring in Computer Science of Woody Woo.
  • Matt Wie

    Hi! I'm a senior ('17) and study in the East Asian Studies department.
  • Alexander Xu

    I'm Alex, COS BSE '19!I I like making videos, so ask if you need help with Premiere or anything else!
  • Susanna Yu

    My name is Susanna and I am in the ORFE department.
  • Debbie Yun

    I enjoy Film and Digital Photography and playing around with Photoshop.
  • Yuanyuan Zhao

    Hey everyone! I'm in Mathey College. I'm thinking about majoring in computer science (BSE).
  • Jinjin Zhao

    Hi! I'm currently pursuing Computer Science, and trying out photography.