Learning Consultants

  • Leila Abou-Jaoude

    Leila is a senior from Lexington, KY.  She is majoring in Music with certificates in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Music Theater, and Voc

  • Fawaz Ahmad

    Fawaz is an FLI Computer Science Senior from Northern Virginia, taking classes in Psychology, History, Religion, and more.

  • Stav Bejerano

    Stav Bejerano is a junior pursuing a concentration in Philosophy and a certificate in Environmental Studies (and perhaps some others, too

  • Jelmer Bennema

    Jelmer is an international student from the Netherlands, an ORFE major pursuing certificates in Computer Science and Management Systems.

  • Turquoise Brewington

    Turquoise is a senior from New Jersey and is majoring in The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs with certif

  • Adrienne Chang

    Hi! My name is Adrienne and I am a junior from Valencia, CA.

  • Bhoomika Chowdhary

    Bhoomika is a pre-med Molecular Biology major from Virginia Beach.

  • Anushka Dheer

    Anushka is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Andrea Escoto

    Andrea is a FLI student from Washington DC, an Ecology & Evolutionary Biology major, and pursuing a certificate in Global Health & Heal

  • Hannah Faughnan

    Hannah is a FLI junior from Leesburg, FL in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department, pursuing a certificate in Latin American Studies, and...

  • Sarah Fry

    Sarah is a sophomore from Redondo Beach, CA.

  • Sophie Goldman

    Sophie is a junior from Highland Park, NJ.

  • Eli Kalfaian

    Eli is a senior studying Civil Engineering and is on the Men’s Heavyweight Rowing Team; he is from Milford, NJ.

  • Ariadni Kertsikof

    Ariadni is a senior from Greece, majoring in Anthropology and pursuing a certificate in Cognitive Science.

  • Edelyn Lau

    Edelyn is a FLI student from Brooklyn, NY, an East Asian Studies major, and pursuing a certificate in Translation & Intercultural...

  • Briana Macedo

    Briana is a FLI student from Harrison, NJ.

  • Kasey McFadden

    Kasey is a Junior in the Computer Science Department, athlete on the Men’s Heavyweight Rowing Team, and is from Matawan, NJ.

  • Nathnael Mengistie

    Hello! My name is Nathnael, and I am a junior in the School of Public and International Affairs pursuing certificates in Global Health & Health...
  • Katherine Ross

    Katherine is a rising senior from Toronto, Canada majoring in economics and pursuing certificates in Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Environmen

  • Chloe Smith Frank

    Chloe is a Psychology major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Fedjine Victor

    Fedjine is a senior from Hamilton, NJ and is majoring in African American Studies with a certificate in Values and Public Lif

  • Nic Voge

  • Daniel Wey

    Daniel is a senior from Basking Ridge, NJ majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in Technology & Society.

  • Nicole Williams

    Nicole is a junior from Morristown, NJ. She is majoring in Sociology with certificate in French.  

  • Emily Yu

    Emily is a premed student from outside Philadelphia.


The Graduate Student Coaches

      • Fifth-year graduate student
      • Anthropology
      • Eighth-year graduate student
      • East Asian Studies
      • Sixth-year graduate student
      • Art and Archaeology
      • Eighth-year graduate student
      • Anthropology
      • Fourth year graduate student
      • Geosciences
      • Sixth-year graduate student
      • English