Learning Consultants

  • Leila, Abou-Jaoude

    Leila is a junior from Lexington, KY.  She is majoring in music with certificates in music theater, theater, and vocal performance.

  • Fawaz Ahmad

    Fawaz is a FLI Forbesian junior majoring in Computer Science, hailing from the rolling hills of Northern Virginia.

  • Obi Amaechi

    Obi is a senior in the Psychology department, athlete on the Track & Field team, pursuing a Global Health Policy certificate and is from San...

  • Turquoise Brewington

    Turquoise is a junior from Ewing, NJ and is majoring in The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs with certificates in Afr

  • Jeongmin "JM" Cho

    JM is a senior from Seoul, South Korea studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science.

  • Andrea Escoto

    Andrea is a FLI student from Washington DC, an Ecology & Evolutionary Biology major, and pursuing a certificate in Global Health & Heal

  • Jasmin Gao

    Jasmin is a senior from Atlanta, Georgia studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering and pursuing a certificate in Applications of...

  • Tilmann Herchenroder

    I am a senior in the Economics Department, with certificates in Humanistic Studies and Statistics & Machine Learning. I am originally from...

  • Lauren Johnson

    Lauren is from Maplewood, NJ, English major with certificates in AAS and French

    Types of Consultations: (all consultants can meet and work...

  • Eli Kalfaian

    Eli is a junior studying Civil Engineering and is on the Men’s Heavyweight Rowing Team; he is from Milford, NJ.

  • Lucy Kloeppel

    Lucy is a senior in the School of Public and International Affairs, concentrating in education policy.

  • Hazel Lee

    Hazel is a Senior from the suburbs of Chicago majoring in Economics and pursuing a Chinese Language & Culture Certificate.

  • Alex Marino

    Alex is a senior concentrating in Medical Anthropology and pursuing a certificate in Creative Writing.

  • Kasey McFadden

    Kasey is a Junior in the Computer Science Department, athlete on the Men’s Heavyweight Rowing Team, and is from Matawan, NJ.

  • Nathnael Mengistie

    Hello! My name is Nathnael, and I am a junior in the School of Public and International Affairs pursuing certificates in Global Health & Health...
  • Michelle Min

    Michelle is a senior in linguistics (independent concentrator) pursuing a cognitive science certificate.

  • Stephen Polcyn

    Stephen is a senior from Pittsburgh majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in Chinese Language and Culture.

  • Livia Qoshe

    Livia is a FLI student from Venice, FL pursuing a Neuroscience major (after much deliberation) and a certificate in COS. 

  • Katherine Ross

    Katherine is a junior from Toronto, Canada.

  • Nic Voge

  • Angela Yang

    I'm a CBE major hailing from Ohio!

    Areas of Specialization: (Learning strategies and issues especially like to work on, feel best prepared...

  • Emily Yu

    Emily is a junior from outside Philadelphia, PA in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department.