Graduate Peer Coaches

Make an appointment with a McGraw Graduate Peer Coach by writing to Laura Murray. All meetings are confidential and conducted via Zoom, and you and your Coach can choose a time that's mutually convenient. We hope to see you soon!

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Mai Alkhamissi
Sixth-year graduate student

I am an Egyptian 6th year PhD candidate in the Anthropology department. Before coming to Princeton, I worked in Egypt as a researcher at a think tank, then at a research center at the American University in Cairo, and at a public hospital. I hold an MA in Anthropology and Cultural Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London and a BA in…

River Emrys
Fifth-year graduate student

I’m in the Classics department and (at least in non-pandemic times...) the head instructor for the BJJ club here on campus. Before coming to Princeton, I thru-hiked several major trails in the US, worked in the startup world in San Francisco, and spent several years teaching high school (Latin and AP Physics) at a public school in DC — the most…

Sara Geraghty
Fourth-year graduate Student
Quantitative and Computational Biology

As a Graduate Peer Coach, I believe that my role is to help you cultivate a sense of well-being and thriving in graduate school, both in an academic context and in other areas of your life. I hope that you can use your space with me to explore more deeply the areas in which you want to improve, disassemble the situational or emotional barriers…

Shelby Lohr
Seventh-year graduate student

I am a doctoral candidate in the History department. Outside of Princeton, I have attended comedy writing school and continue to take creative non-fiction narrative classes. I am active in the Graduate Improv club on campus, I enjoy singing and playing guitar, and watching classic films. I’ve held fellowships with the Center for Digital…

Kumar (“Mito”) Mritunjay
Fifth-year graduate student
Electrical and Computer Engineering

My research lies in the intersection of electronics and neuroscience, specifically in designing electrodes to detect neuronal signals. At Princeton I have been on various panels to help international students and served as a Leader for the Outdoor Action program designed to mentor incoming freshmen.

As a coach, I would like to be a …

Crystal Rao
Fifth-year graduate student

I am excited to join the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning as a coach to help my fellow graduate students cultivate better experiences in graduate school. I am currently a fourth year graduate student in the Department of Geosciences. I strive to help students develop optimism and positive mindsets to foster stronger resilience in life. I…

Adéráyọ̀ Sànúsí
Sixth-year graduate student

I am excited to serve as a resource to first generation graduate students, particularly in the Humanities and Social Sciences. As an immigrant from a non-academic family, I struggled to adjust to the elite academic culture at Princeton. Students that are unfamiliar with the “unspoken rules” of success in graduate education and academic practice…

John Schulz
Seventh-year graduate student

I am sixth-year PhD Candidate in the English Department and have been working at the McGraw Center as a University Administrative Fellow since 2019. As a UAF, I have led workshops on effective scholarly communication and perfectionism—topics personal to my own experience as a graduate student—and helped develop and launch the Graduate Peer…

Gawoon Shim
Fifth-year graduate student
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

As a coach, I believe in the power of active listening and that speaking in the presence of someone who really listens can magically clarify tangled thoughts and bring forth novel ideas. No one knows your struggles as well as you do, nor do they have the power to solve them like you can. My goal, therefore, is to provide the space you need…

Ryan Zaluzec
Ninth-year graduate student

My aim is to offer a supportive space where together we can think through the many parts of graduate school which aren’t usually addressed as part of our studies, whether it be anxieties about our research, our relationships with our advisors, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, or one of the countless other unacknowledged but integral aspects of…


Graduate Peer Coach Alumni

Branden Bio
Psychology & Neuroscience
Sooji Han
East Asian Studies
Suzie Herman
Art and Archaeology
Makoto Lalwani
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Lindsay Ofrias
Tanujay Saha
Electrical and Computer Engineering

I am a graduate student in ECE researching interesting applications of artificial intelligence.  I am also a Resident Grad Student (RGS) at Frist College. I love to travel, meet new people, and learn about different cultures and cuisines when I’m not on campus. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you to help you navigate grad…

Chloé Vettier
French and Italian