Graduate Peer Coaches

Make an appointment with a McGraw Graduate Peer Coach by writing to Laura Murray. All meetings are confidential and conducted via Zoom, and you and your Coach can choose a time that's mutually convenient. We hope to see you soon!

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  • Mai Alkhamissi

      • Fourth-year graduate student
      • Anthropology

    I am an Egyptian fourth year PhD candidate in the Anthropology department.

  • Branden Bio

      • Fifth-year graduate student
      • Psychology & Neuroscience

    Hello! I’m Branden, a 5th year graduate student in the Psychology department, working toward a joint degree in cognitive psychology and...

  • Sooji Han

      • Seventh-year graduate student
      • East Asian Studies

    I am currently a 7th year in the East Asian Studies Department, and I joined the Graduate Peer Coach program at McGraw to contribute to our...

  • Suzie Herman

      • Fifth-year graduate student
      • Art and Archaeology

    As a Graduate Peer Coach my key values include integrity, compassion, growth, and appreciating cultural diversity. Graduate student life is full...

  • Makoto Lalwani

      • Fifth-year graduate student
      • Chemical and Biological Engineering

    As a Graduate Peer Coach, I hope to help you identify and overcome obstacles by drawing upon your personal strengths, supplemented with advice...

  • Shelby Lohr

      • Fifth-year graduate student
      • History

    I am a doctoral candidate in the History department.

  • Lindsay Ofrias

      • Seventh-year graduate student
      • Anthropology

    I am a Ph.D.

  • Crystal Rao

      • Third year graduate student
      • Geosciences

    I am excited to join the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning as a coach to help my fellow graduate students cultivate better experiences in...

  • Adéráyọ̀ Sànúsí

      • Fourth-year graduate student
      • Anthropology

    I am excited to serve as a resource to first generation graduate students, particularly in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • John Schulz

      • Fifth-year graduate student
      • English

    I am fifth-year PhD Candidate in the English Department and have been working at the McGraw Center as a University Administrative Fellow since...