Resources, Handouts, and Advice for Undergraduates

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General Topics

McGraw for Undergraduates [PDF]

7 Strategies for Success [PDF]

Freshman Checklist for a Smooth Transition to Princeton [PDF]

How People Learn vs. How We Believe People Learn

Listen Actively and Take Great Notes [PDF]

Making the Transition to College

Participating in Class Discussion: Contributions that Count [PDF]

Preparing for Precepts, Seminars, and other Discussion-based Classes [PDF]

Putting Your Extracurricular Skills to Use in Your Studies

Study Group Handout

Technology Tips: Studying in the 21st Century

Tips for Foreign Language Study [PDF]

What To Do the First Week (and Beyond) [PDF]

Time Management

Semester On A Page [download writable calendar] [PDF]

Principles of Effective Time Management for Balance, Well-being, and Success [PDF]

Semester Planning and Time Management [PDF]

Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination

Getting Past Perfectionism

Get the Most Out of Your Study Time

Making Your Time More Productive [PDF]

Weekly Planner Template


Analyzing Returned Exams to Prepare for Final Exams [PDF]

Exam Success: Learning from Exams [PDF]

Exam Success: Taking Exams [PDF]

Preparing for Exams [PDF]

Preparing for Princeton Midterms: Practice Performing, Don't Just Review [PDF]

Strive for Excellence Not Perfection on Dean's Date Assignments and Final Exams [PDF]

What Can I Do NOW to Prepare Myself for Dean's Date and Final Exams? [PDF]



Problem Solving

Successful Strategies for Solving Problems on Assignments

Questions to Ask Yourself When Problem Solving

Novice v. Expert Problem Solvers


Active Reading Strategies: Remember and Analyze What You Read [PDF]

Active Reading of Textbooks [PDF]

Independent Work

Mastering Independent Work (JPs and senior theses)

Breaking Down Large Projects Into Manageable Pieces

Oral Presentations

10 Steps to Preparing an Oral Presentation

Answering Questions

Organizing Your Presentation

Making Effective Visual Aids

Delivering an Effective Oral Presentation