Networked Storage

Local Network Storage
Each machine in the Digital Learning Lab is connected to the DLL Drive, a local central server to store your academic data. The local network storage is equipped with 35TB of shared, super-fast storage and is only accessible in the Digital Learning Lab. If you are interested in remote network storage (accessible on and off campus), please consider our remote network storage.

Remote Network Storage
The purpose of this XStor is to provide students, staff, and faculty with a private, large-capacity media-storage service for large files, such as video, audio, and animation files.

  • The long term media storage server may only be used for academic purposes
  • For those requiring PRIVATE GROUP collaboration, please include all names and NetID's in an email to the DLL at
  • At the end of every fiscal year (June 15) your files will be deleted, unless you notify the DLL of special circumstances that require retention

XStor FAQ:
Who can have access to this service?:
Students, staff, and faculty.

How can I have access to it?: You will receive an email once the account has been created with instruction on how to connect to the server.

Where can I access it?: Anywhere on campus and off campus (off campus requires VPN).

Is my data private?: Yes. Only you can access your folder. No one else can see your files (except administrators).

How much space do you have?: We have 21 terabytes shared of storage.

Can I edit video from my dorm room?: Yes, but you may get dropped frames since dorm connections max at 10mbit. For full utilization, use the computers at the DLL or J-Street Library (1Gbit connection).