Student Advisory Council

The Council:

The Student Advisory Council for the McGraw Center’s Undergraduate Learning Program, comprised of a group of Princeton students and the undergraduate program directors, is a permanent, standing committee which meets regularly and undertakes projects to enhance the work of the McGraw Center. The council gathers information, provides input on a variety of topics, represents the Undergraduate Learning Program, and communicates its message to the wider campus community.

The Aims of the Council:

  • To support the achievement of the Center’s mission, especially the goals and objectives of the Undergraduate Program
  • To provide strategic consultation on relevant McGraw Center programs and initiatives
  • To advocate for the realization of the university’s teaching and learning goals and objectives
  • To articulate the vision and messages of the Center to campus partners and student users in order to create a more engaging and effective learning environment


Nic Voge, Senior Associate Director, McGraw Undergraduate Learning

Geneva Stein PhD, Assistant Director, McGraw Undergraduate Learning Program

Academic Year Student Members


  • Denise Chan

    I am from Hong Kong. I love working in groups and collaborating on projects.
  • Haonan Du

    I'm Haonan, in the Woodrow Wilson School interested in the role of women on the world stage, economic development, an
  • Patrick Flanigan

    Hello my name is Patrick Flanigan and I am majoring in Politics.
  • Victoria Gu

    A junior hailing from Pasadena, CA, I possess a deep interest for the intersection of science and the performing arts
  • Olivia Parker

    My name is Olivia Parker and I’m a sophomore(go Class of 2019!).
  • Julia Perlmutter

    I am a senior from Montclair, NJ interested in educational and clinical psychology.
  • Maya Phillips

    I'm a junior from Columbia, MD who loves computers and technology and how they interact with the world.
  • Abhimanyu Shah

    At Princeton, stress is inevitable and the competitive environment can sometimes take a serious toll on mental health
  • Evan Wood

    Music has inspired me to pursue only what I truly enjoy doing, and has instilled in me the necessity of collaboration